About Team Po Po

Team Po Po is an individual development and exposure program under Patosha Jeffery Basketball. The program is designed for players interested in playing basketball at the highest level and aspire to play at the collegiate level. The mission of the program is to develop and enhance player’s position specific skills,  provide exposure opportunities through team and individual events and mentor players on how to obtain an athletic scholarship in basketball.


Coached and mentored by Patosha Jeffery and her staff of former collegiate and professional players

Receive position specific training several times a week

Participate in numerous events attended by college coaches and scouts

Access to academic resources on Arithmetic, Algebra, History,  Biology,  Calculus, Chemistry, Geometry, Physics and more.

Access to women’s college basketball recruiting material on multiple ways to market yourself

And much, much more……

Program Information:



Contact Patosha Jeffery @ 901-634-4785 or popo@girlsbasketballtrainer.com